My life #2
Updated: 3/11/2020
My life #2

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  • Shot #13
  • Shot #14
  • Shot #15
  • Actions: The boy is in a math clubDialogue:Teacher: Thank you guys for coming to the Mathcounts club, for the Mathcounts state competition. Hope you're excited
  • Shot #16
  • Actions: The boy is running in the Mathcounts competitionDialogue:Random speaker: This is the Mathcounts relay, where our top students run to solve math problems!
  • Shot #17
  • Actions: The boy is giving a speech for a Model UNDialogue:Boy: ... I hope you enjoy this MUN, and make the best of this experience...
  • Shot #18
  • Actions: The boy is talking with a girlDialogue:Boy: I really like you...Girl: I like you too...
  • Actions: The boy is walking through a school parking lotDialogue:Boy: Oh boy, I never thought I'd be in this high school, It has been from the best experiences I've had.
  • Actions: The boy is running around a running trackDialogue:None, *Footsteps and heavy breathing*