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The breadwinner
Updated: 2/21/2020
The breadwinner
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  • Parvana:
  • Hello,I am Parvana and I am dressing up as a boy to make money for my family.
  • Mrs.Weera:
  • I am Mrs. Weera,and I am helping out Parvana's mom by running the house.
  • Maryam
  • I am Maryam,and I love my family,especially my sister Parvana!
  • Parvana's main character trait is bravery.This is because Parvana risked her life by dressing up as a boy to work in the marketplace when her father was arrested to make money. Parvana also stood up to the Taliban when they were arresting her father and when a Talib almost arrested her.
  • Shauzia:
  • I am Shauzia and I am dressing up as a tea boy to make money for my family.
  • Mrs. Weera's main character trait is helpful.This is because,when Parvana's mom became depressed,Mrs. Weera moved in and started to help Parvana's family. She also helped Parvana's dad recover after he was released from prison.
  • Nooria:
  • Maryam's main character trait is friendly. This is because when Parvana was sad after being beaten by the prison guards,Maryam comforted Parvana and cared for her.Also,when Mother was depressed,Maryam hugged her and tried to make her happy.
  • Mother:
  • I am Mother,and I stay home and take care of my kids.
  • Shauzia's main character trait is determined. This is because,she saved up money to buy a tray to be able to sell more items and make more money.She is also determined to escape Afghanistan and move to France,no matter if she has to leave her family.
  • Nooria's main character trait is independent. This is because she took care of the little ones without Mother's help when Mother was depressed. Nooria is also independent because she almost always rejects help from Parvana when making dinner or cleaning.
  • I am Nooria and I am very independent and I don't need any help.
  • Mother's main character trait is caring.This is because she took care of Ali when he was tired or hungry. She also took care of Nooria before she left to get married.She would also find things for Parvana to sell in the market.
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