Act 2 Othello
Updated: 12/2/2020
Act 2 Othello

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, however, all women are the same. All they ever do is play until it is time for bed. Then they work.
  • Help!
  • Othello is lucky to have such a beautiful wife. Do you agree?
  • I could frame Cassio for sleeping with Desdemona...
  • Cassio! I can't believe you are a drunk and almost killed a man. I must make an example out of you. I'm sorry but you are fired.
  • Hello there Desdemona!*kisses hand*
  • We are going to celebrate our victory over the Turks and Othello's marriage. There will be a feast at 5 o'clock. Everyone needs to be there! God bless Cyprus and Othello!
  • Oww! Cassio! You have wounded me!
  • My plan is working! Now I can manipulate Cassio!
  • I can't believe I just lost my job and reputation. This is horrible!
  • Perfect! Now I can tell Othello that Cassio kissed Desdemona and is meeting with her in private!
  • You could talk to Desdemona. She is very nice and Othello will do whatever she tells him. Including getting your job back.