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Othello Act 1 Storyboard
Updated: 11/20/2020
Othello Act 1 Storyboard
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  • I cannot believe that Othello promoted Cassio and not me. Now I am stuck with the Moors!
  • Lets go to Desdemona's father and tell him that Othello and her have married. We can really get Othello into trouble now!
  • Yeah! Let's ruin both of their lives!
  • Yeah! That's totally not fair. You're a much better fighter. He only got promoted because of their friendship.
  • But sir, she is married to Othello!
  • I told you to stay away from my daughter!
  • By golly you are right! She isn't home! I'm furious. I am going to arrest Othello right now and get my daughter back!
  • Othello! Is your marriage secure? Brabantio is on his way to take Desdemona back!
  • Let him come! I haven't stolen his daughter! She willingly married me.
  • Othello! The Duke needs to talk to you about the war in Cyprus
  • Put down your sword! Let's settle this with words!
  • I did not! She chose me! Let's ask the Duke and see what he thinks.
  • You stole my daughter!
  • I'm glad that you're an only child because I couldn't bare this happen to me again.
  • Othello Stole My Daughter!
  • Now that that's settled, Othello, I need you to go to Cyprus.
  • Let's see what Desdemona has to say.
  • I chose to marry him. He told me such great stories. I love him.
  • Don't kill yourself. I have a plan that can give me Cassio's position and you Desdemona!
  • Just sell everything you have and save your cash. I will convince Othello that Cassio has slept with his wife and I will bring him to his demise because of his honest and unsuspecting nature.
  • I am going to drown myself because I cannot have Desdemona.
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