Monsters Theme Storyboard
Updated: 11/6/2018
Monsters Theme Storyboard
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  • Why was your car the only one? Why do you come out at night and stare at the sky??
  •  The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street Theme: Stress And Fear Can Both Lead To Grim Endings
  • I didn't do ANYTHING I SWEAR!
  • You killed him.. you killed Pete Van Horn!! Why did you do it?!
  • I was just trying to save my town! You know why I did it, Steve!
  • How did he know what was going to happen?! How did he know?!
  • He didn't do anything! It was only from a comic book. He's only a child!
  • Les' car turns on all of a sudden and he doesn't know why. People conspire against him and create a mob of angry townspeople. They all think he is the alien because his car is the only one that turned on.
  • The scene where Les' car starts out of nowhere demonstrates the theme that stress and fear can both lead to grim endings. This scene supports this theme because when Les' car starts people start questioning him and conspiring against him. Nobody's car worked and Les' car started without effort. People blame him and corner him into his own porch. People blamed him for his car starting when even he didn't know how it happened. They didn't even bother asking him how he did it or if he did something to it. They just took Tommy's story and saw Les' car start and immediately started blaming him. This led to things getting worse. The next scene where Charlie shoots Pete Van Horn also supports the theme. This scene supports the theme because when Charlie shoots Pete, he does it out of fear. He doesn't even wait to see the person or figure. He just assumes it's the monster because of a dark figure at night. He shoots Pete and people are surprised it was him. Steve starts conspiring against Charlie and says that maybe Charlie had to shoot because Pete would say who they had to watch out for. This scene supports the theme because Charlie was scared and fear led to someone getting shot and someone's death. The last scene also supports the theme. The last and final scene supports the theme because when people were getting stressed and scared, thinking they would be blamed they blamed a CHILD. Charlie blamed Tommy out of fear of getting attacked. They think about it and people seem to agree. They ask how he knew everything that would happen. It was simply a plot in a comic book and people think that he was sent by the aliens. This supports the theme because people were chasing the kid (Tommy) and possibly trying to kill, just because Charlie blamed him with knowing the plot of a comic book. These scenes all support the theme that Stress and Fear can both lead to grim endings.
  • Charlie shoots a dark figure who he thinks is the monster. It turns out it was Pete Van Horn who was returning from the other town. People blame Charlie for shooting Pete Van Horn.
  • People conspire against Tommy. They all say he's the one who knew from the beginning. Tommy's mother tries to defend him by saying it was just from a comic book but nobody listens to her.
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