The Endosymbiotic Theory

Updated: 9/10/2021
The Endosymbiotic Theory

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  • By: Andrew Harris
  • The Endosymbiotic Theory
  • 9/8/2021 - P3
  • The seagull and seal both represent prokaryotic cells. In this panel the "cells" find each other on the beach.
  • What are you doing here?
  • I'm just chilling. I cant go too far on land even though I want too!
  • Both "cells" need something that the other one has, the seagull needs protection that the seal can give, and the seal needs a better way of transportation so he can get farther on land.
  • I need protection from the shark!
  • You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
  • The "cells" begin to merge into each other, taking on each other traits and unique abilities.
  • The "cells" have merged and evolved into a new cell, soon to be eukaryotic. The seagull lives inside the seal, and the seal has taken on it's traits, having gained wings.
  • The End!