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History of the Atom
Updated: 10/11/2019
History of the Atom
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  • ''Matter is made up of small solid objects that cannot be divided, created, or destroyed.''
  • ''No! All matter is made up of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air! There is NO empty space!
  • ''From observations and measurements of chemical reactions, I propose the atomic theory!''
  • '' I did the Cathode Ray experiment with Rays that had particles with mass. My model looks like this.''
  • ''My teacher was JJ Thompson. I did the gold foil experiment, I figured out that there is empty space. I also discovered protons.
  • ''I discovered that the nucleus contains neutrally charged neutrons.''
  • "Electrons move in circular orbits." and "Electrons closer to the nucleus have more power than electrons farther away."
  • " Electrons do not move on a set path, but in waves. Electron cloud orbitals."
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