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Updated: 9/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Wow dude Ive always wanted a friend with the same name as me
  • Me too dude!
  • This is davon clark and he is 20 and is in college . Ever since childhood he wish that someone had the same name as him. But later on in life he learned the consequences of someone else having the same name as him.
  • Davon clark
  • the narrator finally finds another davon clark and wants to become friends with him but at the time he didn't no he to get into trouble a lot with the police, because he look like he was a good student that didn't cause trouble at all.
  • all profiles
  • Then two weeks after in the middle of the night the narrator was sleeping and woke up because of the amounts notifications he was getting. And when picked his phone up he was startled, but also confused by the amount messages that he got asking him if he was ok.
  • Davon clark
  • So the narrator went to his desk and turned on computerto google search the other davon clark to see what was going on, and he found an article that said,that the other davon clark was facing huge amounts of charges because he stolen the items from a uber and also stole his ipad. but the narrator after reading the article what that the messages ment, it was a mistundersing,im DOOMED this could ruin it all.
  • The narrator decided to separate himself as much he could in fear that all hope in getting a job was lost. the narrator thought to himself my life will be miserable if i don't do this quickely.
  • The first thing that the narrator did was making sure all his linked accounts All had the same:accadoles,profiles,pictures and after that he realized how much of a waste all of that hard work was. The narrator realize a simple leak or google search was all it took.