Updated: 4/3/2021

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  • One day, Jeremy, Caitlyn, and John are hanging out outside a store near their school.
  • Yeah, yeah, sure. Can we please go home now? I’m so tired.
  • Maybe we can go to the newly opened mall near the school.
  • Hey, guys! Where do you want to go tomorrow?
  • Yeah, sure! Why not?
  • While they are walking home, they noticed something from the distance.
  • Sir, I am telling you that your store is out of order now.
  • Sir, I told you that I have renewed the permit. Please reconsider it. I need this store!
  • He shouldn’t have told the guy that forcefully. What a rude person!
  • I wonder what’s happening over there.
  • Oh! Just some dude’s store getting rid by the police.
  • Next time that I am here, you need to be gone!
  • Ha! What am I gonna do now?!
  • Hey, man. Are you okay? What happened?
  • What? That’s impossible! You don’t need to be evicted here if you already renewed your permit.
  • The officer told me that I need to leave my store, even though I already renewed my permits.
  • Yeah! He doesn’t need to do that anymore.