Alex and Maria's love story1
Updated: 3/25/2021
Alex and Maria's love story1

Storyboard Description

By Andy Rocha

Storyboard Text

  • wide shot
  • Do you want to buy a newspaper
  • yes i would
  • dolly shot
  • Hi Maria how are you today would you like to go dance with me later ?
  • i would love to
  • over the shoulder
  • I cant wait to go dance with Maria
  • Alex is on his way home and A newspaper seller asks Alex if he wants to buy a newspaper.
  • mid shot
  • Alex is halfway to his home and sees his friend Maria on the way home and asks her if she wants to go dance with him later.
  • close up
  • Alex is in front of the door of his house and is happy because Maria agreed to go dance with him later.
  • full shot
  • yes these is fun
  • these is fun isnt it
  • Alex is inside his house thinking if he should take a small nap or get ready for the dance with Maria.
  • Home sweet home
  • Alex is taking a small nap before going to dance with Maria.
  • Alex and Maria are both dancing and they are having fun.