Updated: 7/30/2020

Storyboard Text

  • zzzzzz...
  • THE EYE!!!
  • we heard a scream...is everything ok?
  • yes
  • you can come in if you like
  • hahaha!
  • i did the dead tear up the boards his terrible heart is underneath
  • hahaha!
  • the narrator is watching the old man's eye as he sleeps.he smothers the old manto rid the sight of the eye.
  • fortunato how are you friend?
  • amontillado!
  • the cops have a report of a scream in the house and the narrator invites them in and explains the scream.the cops think everything is ok and his alibi is solid.
  • would you like a try.
  • amontillado
  • the cops have a good time laughing amongst themselves but the narrator is hearing the evil heart in his ear.the narrator admits the dead and shows the body under the boards.
  • may he rest in peace.
  • hahaha........
  • montresor meets fortunato at the carnival drunk and invites him to try amontillado. fortunato wants to prove that he is the best wine connoisseur.
  • montresor invites fortunato to his mansion where he finds no one. he brings him to his crypt were he keeps his wine.
  • montresor fools fortunato into chaining himself to the wall as a "joke".fortunato walls himup alive and he is not found for half a century.