Sir Gawain
Updated: 11/7/2018
Sir Gawain
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  • The Green Knight Enters!
  • Who wants to play a game?
  • The Green Knight survives!
  • Sir Gawain approaches the castle.
  • As King Arthur's men enjoy their feast a stranger enters and challenges the knights to a game. He is a a gigantic Green Knight. The Green Knight explains that he will let anyone attempt to cut off his head if in a year he can in year try to cut off their head.
  • Sir Gawain meets the master of the castle.
  • Let's make a deal...
  • Sir Gawain accepts The Green Knights challenge. He then cuts off. He is shocked when The Green Knight's decapitated body grabs it's own head and speaks.
  • Sir Gawain breaks the deal.
  • See you in a year!!!
  • You Broke our deal!!!
  • After Sir Gawain sets off on his journey to find The Green Knight he happens upon a castle after praying for shelter.
  • Sir Gawain goes home.
  • Sir Gawain makes an interesting deal with the lord of the castle that anything that Sir Gawain receive while he is at the castle he will give to the lord of the castle. While the lord is away the lady of the castle gives Sir Gawain a magic scarf that she says will protect him from The Green Knight. Sir Gawain keeps it.
  • When Sir Gawain finds The Green Knight the Knight notices that Sir Gawain has a scarf. Sir Gawain is surprised to find out that the lord of the castle was The Green Knight in disguise. The Green knight is frustrated that Sir Gawain Broke their deal but forgives him because it was to save his life.
  • To remeber his mistake of keeping the scarf Sir Gawain keeps it. He then goes back to his homeland and the round table.
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