Updated: 12/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Let us go into the heart of the pine forest, there we can forget the cares that worry us
  • Good!, I, too, am tired. The forest is the place for to rest."
  • For thirty days I have not had a rest. My head is stuffed so full of wisdom, that I am afraid it will burst.
  • And I have worked like a slave at my counter and found it just as dull as you have found your books.
  • Once upon a time many, many years ago, there lived in China two friends named Ki-wu and Pao-shu. These two young men, like Damon and Pythias, loved each other and were always together. No cross words passed between them; no unkind thoughts marred their friendship.
  • It was a bright beautiful day in early spring when Ki-wu and Pao-shu set out for a stroll together, for they were tired of the city and its noises.
  • Happy as two lovers on a holiday, they passed along the winding road, their eyes turned in longing toward the distant tree-tops. Their hearts beat fast in youthful pleasure as they drew nearer and nearer to the woods.
  • Wake up, fellow!, there is money for you near by. Up yonder path a golden apple is waiting for some man to go and pick it up.
  • When suddenly on passing round a clump of flower-covered bushes, they saw shining in the pathway directly in front of them a lump of gold. 'THEY SAW SHINING IN THE PATHWAY, DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEM, A LUMP OF GOLD.
  • At last, the chunk of gold was dropped in the very spot where they had first spied it, and the two comrades went away, each happy because he loved his friend better than anything else in the world. When they reached the spring they were sorry to find the place already occupied.
  • Let us go to the spring and sit down on the rocks, It is the coolest spot in the whole grove.
  • Then they described to the unwelcome stranger the exact spot where the treasure was, and were delighted to see him set out in eager search.