Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hi Rick, i´m so sorry for left you like this last night
  • Hi sam!what happened to you yestarday?
  • sam: let me tell you what happenedRick: of cuore tell me pleasewhat happened when we was dancing?Sam: my mom phoned me cuz when my brother was playing in the yard felt an broke his leg
  • yes...
  • Really!!!
  • Rick: i´m so sorry, I had no idea that was going onSam: don't worry that wasn't your fault. I had to tell you what was happening to avoid misunderstandings
  • Rick: so.... how is your brother now?is he better?Sam: yes he is.yesterday we took him to the hospital and a doctor says that if he stay at bed by 2 weeks he will be right
  • Rick:so.... i don´t know if you would like to go out again on friday to end the date that we didn´t end yesterdaySam: of course i would like!!!