Reported Speech Work

Updated: 7/29/2020
Reported Speech Work

Storyboard Text

  • I and my friend Emma had been in social distancing for 2 weeks
  • Teen asked the doctor why she can't see a movie with her friend Emma
  • So, I asked why we couldn´t see a movie together If we weren't going to touch?
  • The doctor said her that one of them could be infected with Covid-19, and they maybe not knew it
  • I ran cross-country, my lungs were and are so strong
  • I wouldn´t get sick
  • The doctor said that healthy people also had to be distancing cause they could be really ill too
  • Teen said the doctor that he wouldn't get sick
  • Mail
  • I had never seen nobody with the Covid-19
  • I just wanted to play basketball with my friends
  • Teen told that he and his friends not had the Covid-19, and they just wanted to play a basketball match
  • The doctor said that a basketball match could involve close contact
  • Well, one of you could be a mild case of Covid-19, and both would touch things like doorknobs or remote controls
  • April
  • In that case, you both were taking the risk to infect the other family, and someone had been really sick for that.
  • I said that we had heard about the effects of Covid-19 in older people and chronical conditions
  • Unfortunately, there were some healthy young people that got really ill, so you had to continue with the social distancing
  • A basketball match could involve close contact between players, so you had to stop thinking in that
  • Remember, following that rules might make the difference for everyone
  • Even without symptoms, a person might infect to all of you
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