Uni Digs Episode 1 - Act 1
Updated: 2/21/2021
Uni Digs Episode 1 - Act 1

Storyboard Text

  • 10 Close up of foot
  • 11 Close up - Diane
  • 12 Interior Master Single
  • "The perfect space for young educators to develop their minds and enjoy their time at university" not sure what type of young educator they are talking about?
  • Close up shot of Diane's first step into the house- cut to:loud squeak of the floor board (foley?)
  • 7 Master shot of Exterior
  • Diane's reaction to the squeaky floorboard - fade to:Closer traffic sounds with some birds - quieter less hectic
  • 8 Close up of key
  • Interior to exterior single shot of Diane as she walks into the house - cut to:general hum and birds quietly in background
  • 9 Master shot of Exterior
  • Preparing to unlock the door - Cut to:some background hum with birds chirping quietly
  • Diane turns the key. Cut to:turning the key (Foley)
  • Pushes door hard to open - Cut to:door creaking / swinging open slightly (foley)