Three Laws of Motion
Updated: 3/22/2020
Three Laws of Motion

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  • GEMMA: Sure!
  • LOTTIE: Of course! Oh and can you teach me the laws of motion while we're at it?
  • GEMMA: See that ball? It won't move unless you move it or unless the air pushes it.
  • GEMMA: However, when you kick it, it also will never stop moving; it will only stop when it is blocked by something, like the fire hydrant. Now, that's an example of the First Law of Motion
  • LOTTIE: Hi Harold! Hi Louis!
  • HAROLD:'Ello sis! 'Ello Lottie!
  • GEMMA: Imagine you were to push Louis and Harold using the same force, which of them will go farther?
  • GEMMA: HAHA! Correct! This is an example of the Second Law of Motion! It means more mass demands more force
  • LOTTIE: Louis, because he has less mass; he's tiny!
  • HAROLD: It's getting dark, let's go home.
  • GEMMA: Yup, let's get going!
  • GEMMA : Newton's third law of motion says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
  • GEMMA: When we walk, our feet put force on the ground, and in return the ground also puts force on them; this gives us the ability to move forward.
  • GEMMA: Sure thing! Glad I could help!
  • LOTTIE: Wow! I learned a lot today! Thanks Gemma!