My Hero Academia #3 U.S.J Nomu vs All Might scene
Updated: 1/21/2020
My Hero Academia #3 U.S.J Nomu vs All Might scene
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All Might came just in time to save Midoriya and the rest of class 1-A from Nomu and other villains! Hopefully he can't take them down! PLUS ULTRA!

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  • The Unforeseen Simulation Joint or the U.S.J for short, is a training facility in U.A High School and is where class 1-A is currently, being cornered by a group of villains .
  • "All Might!! He's not smiling..."Says Izuku Midoriya upon seeing the arrival of All Might, the #1 hero in the world who is here to save them.
  • "Fear not!" All Might shouts"CAROLINA....SMASH!" He attacks one of the villains, Nomu with one of his powerful moves known as Carolina Smash.
  • "But....I won't let you do this" He says loudly so the students around him can hear. Grinning his signature grin as all eyes are on him and the villain before him.
  • "Why? Because I am...He continues to speak while he prepares for one his attacks, the villain known as Nomu eagerly preparing as well to run towards him.
  • ......The symbol of peace!"Midoriya notices the bright glow from All Might's blue eyes, the way the powerful hero's voice had risen up and gained more anger to its tone.
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