6 Act

Updated: 5/12/2020
6 Act

Storyboard Text

  • who will it be?
  • Poole and Mary, Mr. Jekyll's servants.
  • Another Voice? you must have been muddle.
  • What a surprise! I have not heard from your sir for a long time!
  • We do not like it all!
  • When I knock on the doctor’s door another voice answers me.
  • Something very strange happens in the house;this time we do not like what has befallen, sir.
  • Let's find out if this is true. Let's go to seek the Constable.
  • You think you can confuse that voice after having served him for 20 years? no, sir! The lord has been slayed and that one... that one is the killer!.
  • Later that day, Jekyll's maid and butler arrive to seek out Utterson. They are frantically knocking on the door.
  • Pleased that you are here! I was very fearful. He is confined in the laboratory.
  • Bring an axe!
  • Let us to see Dr. Jekyll.
  • It's to open the door if that man doesn't open it! It's also self-defense!
  • An axe?
  • Open the door!
  • Here it is!
  • Jekyll: Nooo! Be off! Be off with all of you!
  • Hyde: Would you like this demon appear before you? Be off! or I shall do away with you all!
  • Jekyll! I am Utterson!
  • Is he Hyde?
  • Yes sir, He is!
  • This cannot be!
  • Is he dead?
  • I want to see his face. I belived he has comitted suicide!
  • A few minutes later…They arrive at Dr. Jekyll’s house with the Constable. Another maid opens the door
  • A maid arrives with the axe and gives it to the Butler
  • Utterson and everyone take an axe to the lab door. Everyone comes in and sees someone’s body on the floor.
  • There is a document!