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English assignment 4
Updated: 11/14/2019
English assignment 4
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  • Sharon Smith
  • Women's rights have changed so much. Back in 1970's women were given the choice no matter how rich, poor, educated or not. 
  • Unborn fetus is dying because of how many women have access to the choice
  • Women were at least given the option, not to say that had to get one when it came down to it.
  • Randy Alcorn
  • A women shouldn't have to give up her body to become a support system
  • Adu & Tom Head
  • In todays world, women are limited on options for their own bodies and not seen equal to men.
  • Their choices are being taken away and it's leading to undergoing unsafe procedures for an abortion
  • It's sad because the rights to their own bodies are being taken away.
  • I agree with Sharon, women are viewing this as not being equal to men because this option is being taken from them.
  • When they have a valid reason for abortion they can't due to their options being taken away
  • Women aren't proud when they choose to get an abortionand they should not get shamed by the public for their decisions.
  • Some women don't feel safe with abortions becasue they dont have safe access to it.
  • People think "women have no symapthy for killing an unborn fetus". They don't look at both perspectives.
  • Women get abortions for so many reasons, and it's not like they feel good about making that decision.
  • Men should not be making the decision to put a law on woman's bodies.
  • It's the women's body and they should not have to fight for their own bodies
  • Women at least need options and they should not be taken from them.
  • I think Randy makes a valid point, women do need this option because you don't know their personal reason for this decision.
  • Others are making choices when women cannot financially, mentally or physically have children 
  • The decision should only affect the women and man depending on the situation
  • This is not right and the government should put a stop to this
  • I agree with them.
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