Natural Selection
Updated: 1/27/2021
Natural Selection

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  • Overproduction
  • Natural SelectionBy Angelique De Anda
  • Competition
  • Isn’t too cold out here?
  • What?
  • Variation
  • Natural Selection happens in polar bears with thin and thick coats.
  • Adaptation
  • The temperatures are dropping rapidly and the bears must be kept warm.
  • Natural Selection
  • Some of the white polar bears freeze to death due to their thin coats. But only one gray polar bear with his thick coat survived.
  • Speciation
  • Because of his thick coat, the polar bear could make it to adulthood and pass on the gene to his offspring.
  • Since having thick coats is a reproductive advantage to polar bears, natural selection will select against polar bears with thin coats for thick coats.
  • Now, the trait for thick coats became more popular than thin coats because it maintains polar bears warm.