Updated: 2/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Gulaga had two sons - Najanuga and Barranguba
  • Can I go away for a while?
  • Barranguba then went out into the sea to watch the actions of all the fishes and whales
  • Mum, mum, can I go out too? I'm big. I'm grown up, can I go and watch the fish and whales?
  • No son, you are too little. If I let you go there, you'll get swallowed up by Gadu, the sea. I’ll put you down near the foot of me, so I can watch you and you can watch your brother out in the ocean
  • She put him down where he is now and that is where he stayed, to watch the actions of his brother while under the eye of his Mother. They call the little mountain 'Mummy's little boy' because he is always with his Mother.