Updated: 3/22/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I trust you to love me forever!!!
  • I'm so sorry but I'm very busy today. Hope you can compromise.
  • Hey honey can you come home for dinner?
  • It's fine, I can compromise.
  • It's okay babe, I understand how you feel. You are very brave. I love you!
  • It really hurts!
  • Trust is important for these two couples because both partners have to believe that what each other is saying is true. Otherwise they will create a lot of doubt.
  • You have to be my girlfriend or I'll kill you
  • I'm going to hurt you real bad if you don't do this
  • During a relationship it is important to compromise each other's needs so that not always one person gets their way, and so that the relationship is not controlled by only one person.
  • He's not picking up. I wonder where he is.
  • It is important to understand each other when one partner is feeling upset or is in pain. In this case it is important for the husband to comfort his wife while she is in pain.
  • Abuse is not okay during a relationship. It makes one partner feel scared and fearful to express his/her feelings. In this scene the boyfriend is hurting his girlfriend physically in the living room.
  • Sexual violence is a negative thing to do during a relationship because it make the other partner feel unsafe and uncomfortable. In this scene the boyfriend is forcing the girlfriend and having sex without her consent.
  • Dishonesty is not okay during a relationship, because it makes the other person loose their trust once they find out you are lying. In this case the boyfriend is cheating on his girlfriend.