Updated: 12/16/2020

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title in progress

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  • Damn David's new movie has me stressin about how to help our dying planet
  • but i think there are also ways we can still help, you can always buy sustainable stuff and bring your own bag
  • honestly, me tf too
  • yeah but those 'green products' can be so expensive, I'm just a student. I feel so limited by my budget.
  • yes, that's a fair point, maybe we can put that test though...
  • How about you shop for the cheapest stuff, and I'll shop for the most sustainable stuff. And then we come back here and compare receipts
  • it's on!
  • grocery store
  • at this part we go shopping and have a timelapse of us shopping and showing the 'kaCHING' of our bills adding up we meet back at home later and commiserate