A Christmas Carol Chapter 5 and 6
Updated: 5/10/2020
A Christmas Carol Chapter 5 and 6
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Name of the creator: Angie Stepanie Rayo Castillo Instituto Loyola grade and section: 9no A

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  • Scrlooge sat up in his bed when heard the clock strike two: ding dong
  • "I wonder, will a second spirit come now?" he thought
  • "I learned a good lesson form the last ghost. So please teach me your lesson" said Scrooge
  • Suddenly, a large light came from the fireplace, and holly, mistletoe and ivy started hanging from the walls. A huge man with a long beard and greeen robe
  • "I am the ghost of the christmas present" he said to Scrooge
  • "He doesn´t like crhitmas and just want to be alone. He said Bah humbug to me when i invite him, can you believe this?"
  • Scrooge and the ghost kept walking, until they were in a warm room with christmas decorations; it was a fred´s house, Scrooge´s nephew.
  • "Well too bad for him-he only care for money!" said his wife
  • They walked to a small house and looked through the window. It wa the house of Bob Cratchit, Srooge´s clerk at the office
  • We must visit another house now
  • "To christmas, then, and to Scrooge´s health" said the wife, and the rest of the family agreed
  • "Come now, dear it´s christmas" said Bob "lets drink to Mr Scrooge, and Christmas"
  • "Tell me, spirit, will Tiny ever get better?" he asked
  • I must be going . My time is ending. Do not forget what you have seen tonight"
  • "if nothing changes in the future, this will be his last christmas"Said the ghost. "But after all, if he dies, there will be less poor people. you said that before, didn´t you?
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