final task
Updated: 2/3/2021
final task

Storyboard Text

  • Whereas his wife and daughter was working in a beautiful plantation house serving their owners.
  • Where is daddy ?! I want daddy !!
  • Honey...Be quiet... Daddy is not here... But daddy arriv…
  • And the little girl who hadn’t fathered anymore, will be soon without mother too...
  • Yes mistress, I come...
  • Maid, what are you doing ? Come to finish sewing my daughter’s dress and let yours play with pigs.
  • On the contrary, slavers’ family were together and could enjoy each others.
  • But this couldn’t last anymore. Family shouldn’t be split by others.
  • But above all humans shouldn’t be exploited due to their skins color.
  • However, thanks to some enlightened mind as Abraham Lincoln, black people were defended.
  • We need slaves !
  • Black people are like us ! There are humans !
  • Yes ! No more slavery !
  • In 1860
  • …but Abraham Lincoln side achieved victory...
  • And then a civil war exploded in all the USA opposing the slavers against the anti-slavery...