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Constantine's Life and Rule of Rome
Updated: 8/30/2020
Constantine's Life and Rule of Rome
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  • Constantine I is born Flavius Valerius Constantinus, in Naissus around February 27th, 272. His father is a skilled politician, solider and bodyguard to the Emperor. His mother is of low social rank
  • Constantine's father is appointed as Caesar and is immediately sent of to battle. Constantine then reserves his father's role to continue their family's loyalty to the emperor
  • Constantine witnesses the "Great Persecution" of the Christians, lead by Diocletian. Constantine remains neutral in this event.
  • Constantine is named Caesar of the west and Galerius is named Caesar of the east. Constantine joins his father in their campaign on Britain. Constantine's father falls sick and dies in 306. Constantine is heir of Augustus. Britain and Gaul support his rule, but newly conquered Iberia doesn't. Galerius is outraged at the discussion but he is forced to compormise and agree. Constantine is granted power over Britain, Gaul and Spain
  • Maxentius, Constantine's political rival, is outraged and starts a civil war. Constantine sends an army but they rebel with Maxentius as they served his father. Maxentius's father, Maximian, comes out of retirement and presents Constantine with a compromise. Constantine agrees to marry Faustus, Maxentius's sister. Constantine is then promoted to Augustus and gives Maxentius no Military support.
  • Galerius ends the persecutions of Christians. Maxentius disagrees with this, this then starts a war. Constantine kills Maxentius at the battle Milyain Bridge. Constantine then rules the rest of his life, slowly turning into a strong christian power. Constatine dies May 22nd, 337
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