Lit PT
Updated: 12/2/2020
Lit PT

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  • Yes, of course!
  • Will you share the rest of your life with me?
  • Papa, Alfredo's 30 already and still he's a bachelor
  • I know Carmen, let's not hurry him.
  • Hi, I'm Alfredo
  • Oh, I'm Julia
  • Not long ago, a beautiful almost-perfect relationship ignites. Love was truly in the air when Alfredo found his passion for this dashing woman named Esperanza. Not long after, they got engaged and what seems to be a happy ending was just waiting on the doorsteps of the Cathedral.
  • After almost 4 years of engagement, there are still no concrete plans for the wedding. This questioned the dear family of Alfredo. Why waste time when you can do it now?
  • Oh, I've heard about your upcoming wedding. Best wishes to the both of you!
  • Uhm, yes. My parents wants me to celebrate Holy Week in our town.
  • As time passes by, the affection of Alfredo to Esperanza gradually cooled down. Then one day, Alfredo was convinced by Don Julian, to go to a friend's house. There, he met this damsel, Julia Salas, and immediately vibed with her.
  • Goodbye.
  • After days or weeks of spending every time with Julia, Alfredo, unnoticeably, fell for her. He gets so acquainted with Julia that he forgets his wonts to Esperanza. His "neighboring" became a habit that he seems to enjoy. His deep adoration for Julia makes him lie to his fiancee.
  • "Lies don't last unknown forever". This line applies to Julia and Alfredo. Julia soon found out about Alfredo's lies and wished him the best regards for their upcoming marriage. In this time, Alfredo also found out about the departure of Julia.
  • I've heard also that you're leaving. Are you?
  • Wanting to savor the last moments, Alfredo invited Julia to their coconut plantation by the beach for a small gathering. Here, goodbyes were said.