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Updated: 4/21/2020
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  • Can you show us another example?
  • Properties of Exponents: Product of Powersx^m • x^n = x^(m+n)Example.:9^1 • 9^2 = 9•9•9 = 729
  • The product of powers property states that when we multiply two exponents of the same base, we can just add the the exponents together.
  • Sure!
  • Properties of Exponents: Product of PowersMy facebook followers increase at a rate of 6^2 per day. How many many followers will I have on day 6^3?
  • How is this a REAL world example? It's hardly credible. Hehe.
  • Let's use a real world example.
  • YES!
  • Properties of Exponents: Product of Powersx^m • x^n = x^(m+n)Solution: 6^2 • 6^3 = 6^(2+3) = 6^5 = 7776
  • *trying hard to contain laughter*
  • As you can see we need to multiply the rate and the number of days which are both in exponents, if you solve it then you will see that on day 6^3, I will have 7776 followers.
  • Does this make sense?
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