To kill a Mocking Bird
Updated: 1/24/2020
To kill a Mocking Bird
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  • Dill and their communication with Boo Radley
  • Scout Goes to School
  • Miss. Maudie's house fire
  • Dill comes to stay with his Aunt Rachel during the summers. While he is there, he is obsessed with communicating with Boo Radley. The kids try to communicate with him through notes, gifts, and adventuring near the house.
  • Christmas
  • Scout gets in trouble at school because she can already read and write. She also tries to tell Miss. Caroline about the conduct of the Cunninghams, but gets in even more trouble.
  • Atticus Shoots the Rabid Dog
  • One day during the winter, Miss. Maudie's house caught on fire. The whole neighborhood helped save as much of her belongings as possible. Meanwhile, Boo snuck out and put a blanket around Scout
  • Mrs.Dubose dies free from addiction
  • Atticus and the kids went to Finch's landing for Christmas with the whole family. While there, Scout's cousin Francis says some horrible things about Atticus, so she attacked him. However, when Francis says that she called him a name and jumped him she didn't deny it.
  • One day a rabid dog started walking toward the Finch's house. Cal called Atticus and the Sheriff, and when they arrived, the Sheriff insisted that Atticus take the shot. The kids were amazed that their dad could actually do something.
  • Mrs. Dubose dies after her long struggle as a Morphine addict. She made Jem come and read to her everyday as a distraction to help her quit her addiction. Before she died she put a single perfect flower in a box, and Jem thinks that she is taunting him beyond the grave, but it is really a thank you.
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