To Kill A Mockingbird
Updated: 1/24/2020
To Kill A Mockingbird
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  • Dill and Boo Radley
  • School
  • Mrs.Maudie's house burns down
  • Dill comes to stay with Aunt Rachel during the summers, and during this time, he is obsessed with communicating with Boo Radley. The kids communicate with him through notes/ gifts in a tree-knot.
  • Atticus must shoot a dog with rabies
  • Scout gets in trouble from Miss. Caroline because she is already able to read and write. She also gets yelled at because she tries to educate Miss. Caroline on the Cunningham family.
  • Scout beats up Francis
  • One night during the winter time, Mrs. Maudie's house catches on fire. Everyone is helping to get things out of her home, and while Scout and Jem are standing outside watching, Boo places a blanket on Scout's shivering shoulders.
  • Mrs. Dubose passes away
  • Jem and Scout see an odd dog walking down the street so they go and fetch Cal. Cal realizes it has rabies so she calls Atticus and he gets the sheriff. Atticus must shoot the dog, so that is what he does.
  • Jem, Scout, and Atticus go to Finch's landing for Christmas. Francis begins saying all these terrible things about Atticus, so Scout gets angry and beats him up.
  • Mrs. Dubose passes away after going through her tough withdrawal with morphine. Before she passed away, Jem would go and read to her to apologise for ruining all her flowers when he got revenge for her calling their father names. 
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