Immigration Inquiry Lesson: Anish Khot
Updated: 11/19/2018
Immigration Inquiry Lesson: Anish Khot
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  • The immigrant experience was a treacherous journey.
  • But for many immigrants it was better than staying.
  • America gave immigrants hope for the future.
  • An Irish family has left their land to find better land in America. The Irish Potato Famine has poisoned their potato farm and has taken the lives of their neighbors. The O'Braion family has sold their house and most of their belongings to buy tickets for the first ship to America.
  • Some Americans tried to block the flow of immigrants.
  • But they only could afford one ticket, and it went the their oldest son, Brandon. He was 17 years old and had never left his parents before and was sad, but hopeful, as were many people on the boat. He took one suitcase with his belongings .
  • Some interfered with their job opportunities.
  • But once he saw the New York skyline, he shook away the sorrow and started studying for the literacy test one last time. He knew of the ways that the commissioners test your literacy and how they will try to make you have a mistake.
  • However, America was still seen a beacon of freedom for immigrants.
  • It is widely known that the Americans had just started regulating the amount of people who come in from each country, Luckily, Brandon slimy fit into the Irish quota. The commissioner was hard on Brandon, but through the grace of God Brandon thought, he passed the test.
  • His name was then anglicized, instead of O'Braion it was changed to O'Brian. This somewhat upset Brandon put that didn't stop him. He went around New York to find any job, for he was skilled in many trades. But he was always faced with the same discrimination.
  • Brandon O'Brien has had to face many difficulties with the "No Irish Need Apply Rule", but he is now is working hard in a steel factory, gaining money to start a life in America while sending remittances to his family back in Ireland, so that one day they may come to this great land of opportunities.
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