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Updated: 3/16/2020
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  • Lucky Lucy
  • its such a nice day today
  • oh my this is so embarrsing
  • the suns really bright
  • its a nice day today
  • this is so embarrassing my shirt is BROWN!!
  • there was a girl named Lucy and she was a very lucky girl, she was known as lucky Lucy it was a normal monday morning she woke up got ready for school and went to a cafe to order breakfast
  • im coming around to collect your assesments
  • she was eating her waffles and she had to cross the road, she slipped on a puddle of water and her waffle fell all over her face but she was safe no cars hit her.
  • are you in year 11?
  • she reached school with messy hair and waffle sauce all over her school top that was green but now is brown, she arrived at school finally.
  • wake up sweetie time for school
  • zzz
  • Lucy arrived to class she had English, today was the day her assesment was due. the teacher came around the collect everyones assesments she got to Lucy, Lucy turned around to get it from her bag and it wasn't there she got a zero.
  • i nearly forgot mine at home today
  • Then the bell rang and it was lunch Lucy sat alone thinking how she was gonna tell her mum she failed then the bell rang she went to class, well she went to the wrong class and was late for her actual class the day went on she kept falling over.
  • sorry miss wrong class
  • it was the end of her last class for the day then the bell rang she got up walked out she was on her way home she got home she walking upstairs to her room then she heard her mums voice saying wake up. thats when she realised it was all just a dream, she went to school and had a great day as usual.
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