sister peer pressure

Updated: 10/27/2020
sister peer pressure

Storyboard Text

  • Mya how would we go it's 12am it's way pass our curfew
  • Hey kayla we should go to this party tonight
  • OMGG!! Mya seek out? omg mom will kill us
  • Kayla mmm you know we could kind of seek out
  • Yes seek out Kayla and get dressed because you're going with me or I'm telling about your bad grades
  • Really mya okay I'll go get dressed
  • Sorry Mya I'm very scared we are going to be in big trouble
  • Kayla shut up! crying like a little baby before somebody hear us
  • Mom dad how did you know?
  • Eddie they really stuck out
  • KAYLA & MYA Let's go now y'all stuck out to a party
  • I'm sorry kayla for forcing you & parents I'm sorry for breaking rules
  • What do you young lady have to say?
  • Mom & Dad I'm very sorry I didn't mean to break y'all rules