The Odyssey
Updated: 3/23/2020
The Odyssey

Storyboard Description

I will be describing Odysseus encounter with the goddess Circe. Referenced from "The Odyssey"

Storyboard Text

  • Eurylochus tells Odysseus what happened, and advises him to leave the island. However, Odysseus stays and rushes to save his men.
  • We should leave before she turns us into pigs !
  • No, I'm going to go get my men back.
  • As Odysseus was making his was to Circe's home, he met the god Hermes. Hermes gives him a magical plant to protect him from Circe's powers.
  • Here eat this. It will help defend yourself against Circe.
  • Circe tried to give Odysseus a magic drink, but when it didn't work Odysseus threatened her with a sword to return his men.
  • Circe turned the pigs back into men. Odysseus and the men stayed for a year before they left Aeaea.