Updated: 1/2/2021

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  • Two cosmaunots were about to go into space to discover the secret of planet called Alpha.
  • You are ready to go Harry ?
  • yes, let's go now. 
  • The two men had come down to the moon a few minutes because the planet had change her appearance; they wanted to be sure that it was the right one
  • two month later ...
  • I know it's very strange, but it's okay, get ready, let's go
  • What' s happening? Jack, Alpha is never like this !?
  • Its really very strange. Let's go quickly in the roquet, Alpha direction
  • Jack and Harry were facing the planet that to be red.
  • Look at the planet, it should be red !
  • The two meen arrived on the Alpha planet.
  • What? But what's going on? I can't move anymore! This thing doesn't want me to move! I can't do anything anymore !
  • jack? Look above you, what is his? Quickly, he's going to touch you. It must be dangerous!
  • That ''thing" touched Jack.
  • I have a very pain in my body!! I have the impression that his burns me!
  • Why i am so tall ??
  • oh no!
  • I can't do anything!
  • It is over?
  • After 1 hour of suffering, the pain was bearable
  • it's not over Jack, you're flying!
  • What?
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