Time travel
Updated: 6/22/2020
Time travel
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  • In the world with harry potter
  • What is this place? Harry what is that you are holding and why is there a muggle child here?
  • Hey! Ron,Harry where are we?
  • Yes that's all true but lets not be too much like ourselves muggles/mortals know us and we don't want them to know it's actually us otherwise,there will be a chaos
  • Hi!!
  • we arrived here cause I wanted you to meet someone and I did this by muggle technology and this muggle helped me
  • Ron, Hecate is the greek god of magic and yes, greek gods exsists and they are half god half normal kind of like us they are half-bloods...And we know so much about each other because we are kind of best friends
  • Meanwhile, with percy Jackson
  • Yay! we are finally out of our book. Now we can meet someone I have been wanting you to meet and thanks for shadow travelling us Nico!
  • This better be good percy.
  • Ok great and this better be important also, hold up the water a little longer
  • The golden trio...the greatest witch and wizards of all time or in other words descendants of Hecate.
  • ...
  • Who is Hecate and how do you too know so much about the lateral universe?
  • This is Harry potter....They are-
  • Yes that's true...You must be the daughter of Athena and son of poseidon and hades (you guys shadow travelled by water)
  • Wow.
  • Oh wow!
  • Yes Harry's right...I forgot to introduce ourselves I am Percy Jackson and this is Annabeth and Nico
  • HI!
  • Hi! I'm Nico Di Angelo
  • This seems fun
  • Let's enjoy ourselves and get to know ourselves before we go to our own worlds.
  • I agree Mate!
  • Fine
  • Yep! I know that this day is going to be great
  • Ok then!
  • They enjoyed themselves and got to know each other well before they travelled back into their worlds
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