Life of a Quaranteen
Updated: 6/10/2020
Life of a Quaranteen
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  • That Fateful Day
  • No school until May? I wonder how this will work out.
  • WEEK 1
  • I could get used to this.
  • Mom says it's my turn!
  • WEEK 2
  • Actually, I'm starting to miss my friends.
  • I remember the "last" day of school as if it were just yesterday. I remember my phone blowing up with notifications, from my friends asking me if I've heard the news. Finally, I remember thinking I was going to have the time of my life relaxing at home, unable to anticipate the events that were to come.
  • MONTH 1
  • As teachers were hectically trying to create a schedule for online classes, I finally had a moment to relax for a while. During the first week of quarantine, All my worries disappeared and I felt peace, flowing like a river. I was getting used to working at my own pace, while in my pajamas. I thought everyday would be as easy as today, however I was sorely mistaken.
  • MONTH 2
  • This is the first time most of us have ever experienced something like this and so everyone has a right to be on edge. With the current events occurring on top of the pandemic, everyone's lives has gotten a lot more hectic. Although many are calling 2020 one of the worst years, I believe it is a year of change, as people are finally stepping up to take responsibility for what is going on. The quarantine has personally taught me some things as well, such as the fact that I tend to take the little things for granted. The freedom to go outside and feel the fresh air every morning, and the memories I've made with my friends and family in the past. After this quarantine, I think I'll be able to be thankful for these things that I've been blessed with previously. In retrospect, the quarantine could be seen as a blessing in disguise, as it gave me time to myself, to recollect my thoughts and remember the important things in life.
  • Life at home turned out to be a lot harder than I realized. With my siblings arguing all the time, it was complete chaos and peace was never an option. Although I was surrounded by my family, I felt lonely. On top of that, my teachers started to assign large amounts of work at a time and I found that although I had all the time in the world, I spent most of it just working and stressing.
  • Before I knew it, a month had passed and I started to feel lost. I didn't have any type of schedule to go by, and I could see my days wasting away. The quarantine made me realize that I had taken a lot of things for granted, such as the opportunity to go to school and catch up with my friends.
  • Being trapped at home all the time, the days quickly flew by yet life felt mundane. My motivation was slowly going down and I couldn't wait until this was all over. There were some things that made quarantine bearable, however. I started to cherish the time I got to spend with my family and even just calling my friends, knowing that even though it's not the same, it's something and I will gladly take it.
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