evo thinkers

Updated: 1/31/2019
evo thinkers

Storyboard Text

  • Once again the biggest thinkers of evolutionary thinking came together for their annual drinks and discuss who's the greatest of themall. 
  • Lamarck: Steno, just because you realized how old some layers of the earth are doesn't make you the greatest thinker.
  • Cuvier: Lamarck, be quite and make sure you find money to pay your water
  • Darwin: At least Lamarck had a reasonable idea and did not out-rule evolution!
  • Wallace: I agree with Darwin!
  • Shut up Wallace, we all know you love everything Darwin does!
  • Linnaues: Maybe if you could all be quite I can explain to you again how I came up with taxonomy, you should know the subspecies...
  • Leclerc: No one wants to listen to your stupid ideas!
  • Malthus: None of all your "ideas"matter if we cannot get the population number under control.
  • Buffon: The earth is so old the environment will change!