Updated: 7/30/2020
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  • 1066
  • 1066
  • January 4th: Edward the Confessor dies
  • I think I might give Harold the throne
  • who will be the heir now?
  • January 4th Edward The Confessor dies
  • Harold, when *cough I die, you will take my place as king of England.
  • Oh yeah!!!
  • By Annabelle Solomons
  • Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex is proclaimed king by the Witan.
  • Harold Godwinson, I crown you king of England!
  • They will come, sooner or later.
  • On the 4th of january 1066 Edward the Confessor laid on his deathbed figuring out who should be the next heir to the throne as he had no children.
  • The three other contenders for the throne.
  • I'm the king!
  • I want to be king!
  • I will be king!
  • Edward the Confessor, King of England, died on the 4th of January 1066. He had no children to take his place. However, he promised Harold Godwinson the throne.
  • Contender 1: Harold Godwinson
  • Soon after Edwards death, Harold went to be crowned of England since he lived there. However, he knew that wouldn't be the end of it and that he would have to fight for his place on the throne.
  • There are now three contenders for the throne: Harold Godwinson who was the current king, William Duke of Normandy, the Anglo Saxon that had been promised the throne by Edward the Confessor in 1051, , and the almighty Harald Hadrada who was a feared viking throughout Europe. 
  • Harold Godwinson
  • William Duke of Normandy
  • Harald Hadrada
  • Harold Godwinson was Edward the Confessor's brother in law but their was no blood connection. His brothers were Tostig, Segwen and Gryth. Before Harold Godwinson became king, he swore to William, Duke of Normandy, that he would help him become king. His sister, Edith, was married to the king he succeeded, Edward the Confessor. About that same time Harold became Earl of East Anglia. When his father died in 1053, Harold inherited his earldom of Wessex.
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