Cider with Rosie Chapter 7 Mother (2)
Updated: 5/31/2020
Cider with Rosie Chapter 7 Mother (2)
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  • Eyes right !
  • Annie is surprised by a group of soldiers and is overwhelmed by the salute they give her.
  • Oh my, how lucky am I ?
  • But why?! I did not do anything! Help!
  • Wait Pug! No stop, Annie please! You are hurting him! How dare you?!
  • I cannot have this anymore! I better never see you again here! If you want to start fights then leave this village!
  • Annie worked in her dad´s pub and could scare drunk men with her stormy temper. All men were afraid of her after that.
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  • Widower (4 Children) Seeks Housekee-per
  • I think father likes her. What if they marry?!
  • Annie answered an advert in the newspapers and fell in love with her future husband. They married and got more children.
  • I am pleased to meet you to Madame. Please may I introduce you to my children.
  • Hello, I am honored to meet you. My name is Annie Light.
  • Oh I am so sorry. I shall try my best and this little cottage will look beautiful in no time.
  • I wish my husband was here. Why did he leave me?
  • Annie´s husband left her alone with all of the children. They moved to a small cottage and Annie had trouble keeping them fed and happy.
  • I wish father was here...
  • I´m coming - yoo-hoo! Just mislaid my gloves. Wait a second! I´m coming, my dears.
  • Annie was bad at timings and always came too late. Especially the people in the bus were impatient and annoyed waiting for her.
  • BEEP BEEP !(honking horn)
  • So much beautiful China to buy!
  • Antique Shop
  • Annie was a passionate collector so she loved visiting markets like the auction at Bisley.
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