Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The world is running out of coal, hour by hour, day by day. If we keep using it at this rate without finding an replacement, the world will run out of coal in 2060.
  • Burning coal creates fossil fuels, which contribute to global warming, and we're running out of time, we have to find other sustainable resources to use instead of coal
  • One way we can help is to use sustainable resources, like solar panels, hydro power, wind turbines and geothermal power.
  • These are called renewable resource because you can use it over and over again, and it replaces itself naturally.
  • This ensures that we can slow down the use of coal, and use renewable energy instead. The world will never stop using coal, but we can decrease the amount of coal that we use, to make sure that we can leave some future generations.