Anna’s storyboard

Updated: 1/29/2019
Anna’s storyboard

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  • There was a women walking in the street, then a boy walked by her...
  • Then the women with no reason grabbed the boy and took him home...
  • The women took the boy to the bathroom...
  • The boy graved the women’s purse he was steeling it but the women grabbed him but she put down and tell him that’s not right to do and she saw his dirty face
  • At the stairs
  • When the women dragged the boy to her house she ask him why he wanna steel her purse and the boy only was looking for money to buy new shoes.
  • At the store...
  • Because he’s face was dirty so he was at the bathroom cleaning himself
  • At the street of the women’s house
  • The women give the boy some money to go to the store to buy some momey
  • The boy buy he’s new shoes and thinks he wanted so go to the women’s house to say thanks for buying the shoes
  • He thank the women and the women told him that steeling it’s not right and that this moment is he was talking to the women that he will never for