school comic strip smoking thing
Updated: 8/19/2020
school comic strip smoking thing

Storyboard Text

  • omg Lizzy I'm feeling so stressed about all this homework to do. I can't relax.
  • blah
  • omg Maddie me too! but I'm too stressed to focus... I've got it! whenever my dad's stressed he smokes to calm down. maybe we should try that.
  • I don't know about it what if we get caught
  • I guess so
  • great, we'll meet after school at the bus stop.
  • we won't. come on don't be boring just do it.
  • same
  • I think my dad was on to something I feel so much more relaxed now 
  • I'm sorry I've just been so stressed lately and I know it's wrong to smoke but I couldn't see any other option. please don't tell dad.
  • I have to tell him and he'll tell your parents too Lizzy so I'd fess up if I were you.
  • Maddie! what are you doing?!
  • Maddie I'm very disappointed in you. You know how bad smoking Is for you and you still did it. You're grounded for a month. If you're so stressed about school you can always come to me.
  • I know I can come to you I just felt so overwhelmed. I'm sorry. 
  • me neither
  • now we have to go to the principal's office and you know what the worst part is. I never even got time to do most of my assignments .