Smoking DECIDE
Updated: 10/10/2018
Smoking DECIDE
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  • Define the Problem
  • C'mon Audrey! Are you a chicken? Ha!
  • Examine the Options
  • I don't know what to do! They want me to smoke, and I kinda want to! Or I won't.
  • What is going on?
  • New Student Council president party cake
  • Jessi loves SC
  • Consider the Outcomes
  • Smoke: Popular and cool, but I will get addicted and will never stop smoking. And i won't be able to dance anymore because smoking causes less physical energy.
  • Not Smoke: Safe, healthy, and smart, but I will not be cool and I will be made fun of. But my brain will grow normally, unlike other teen smokers.
  • Jessi had to go to the bathroom. When she walks into see her best friend Stephanie and two other girls, Amber and Callie smoking. 3,200 teens light up for the first time everyday. Jessi is worried about her best friend.
  • Identify Values
  • What are your core values, Audrey?
  • Yay Audrey!
  • When Jessi takes Audrey out into the hallway she wants to know what happened.
  • Decide and Act
  • Ugh, Come on girls. We don't need to surround ourselves with chickens!
  • "Well Audrey, consider your options." Jessi said.
  • Evaluate the Decision
  • Jessi loves SC
  • I DID IT!! That was a great choice and I am healthy, and feelin' GREAT!
  • Common in and celebrate Jessi Carter as our new SC president!!
  • When Jessi and Audrey are talking, Audrey mentions that she has wanted to try a cigarette just once. When Jessi hear that, she asked her what her core values are.
  • I believe in self respect, pleasing people always, and loyalty.
  • Jessi took Audrey back into the bathroom because 1: Audrey had to talk to them and 2: Jessi still had to pee!
  • Amber, I will not smoke with you because being healthy is more important than being popular!
  • Bock bock bock
  • Totally! :)
  • Audrey had done 2 great things today: She stood up for what is right, and evaluated her decision, and helped another girl stand up to a bully and stop smoking for the better.
  • Stephanie! You're my best friend. I didn't know you smoked, and hung out with Amber and Callie. Why?
  • Audrey helped me stand up to Amber! I won't smoke again! Best friends still?
  • Vote 4 Jessi
  • 4 SC
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