Phantom Menace
Updated: 6/12/2020
Phantom Menace
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  • Once upon a time there lived horrendelesly ugly and mean creatures who ruled the Land of Null.
  • But when humans started to exist a young prince seeking the future to build a better life came to conquer the Land of Null.
  • Good
  • We are nearly at the island your majesty.
  • The demons were furious with the prince and tried to get rid of him many times. After a big battle he managed to get a bit of land and more people joined him including a queen and with the help of his friends he got more and more land to build a bigger kingdom.
  • Yes but we should build a city
  • l was right to have built the castle here
  • the king and queen had two boys who grew up to be fine young men with lots of skills but they always disagreed with each other about silly things like words or numbers being more important
  • l am going south to make a city of words and l will name it Dictionopolis.
  • well l am going to the north to the mountains of ignorance to build a city of numbers, Digitopolis.
  • One day the king was walking in his garden when he came across two baby girls
  • What luck to have found the two sorts of girls with golden hair that l was looking for.
  • Ga-ga
  • Goo go
  • As the two princesses grew up they were named Rhyme and Reason. They were loved dearly and were the answer to all problems.
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