Child Development
Updated: 11/14/2019
Child Development
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  • Baby's Arrival!
  • First Year (7-9)
  • Physical Development
  • Emotional and Social Development
  • The newborn has entered into the world and is ready for all kinds of development.
  • Mama!
  • The baby's first year revolves around finetuning its physical makeup. They start to develop fine and gross motor skills from reflexes in their stimulating environment. They will begin to lift head, move hands, grasp items, respond to sounds, and rolling.
  • 1-3 Years (10-12)
  • In the first year, babies start to feel emotions and develops an unique temperment. The baby will also start to develop an attachment to their parents. They will begin to cry, laugh, imitate sounds, say simple words, and use gestures
  • Sorry, but this is what happens when you throw toys.
  • The first year, the baby will have many new experiences, increasing brain function and perception. Imaginative play also becomes possible in the first year. They will also begin to distinguish voices, words, faces, names, and respond.
  • Intellectual Development
  • As a baby turns into a toddler, they will start to become more active in play, increasing dexterity. The child's sensory integration will develop, too. They will also begin to turn pages in a book, pick up toys, stack blocks, cut, and draw shapes.
  • Physical Development
  • The child starts to develop emotions that are self-centered. They may release anger through temper tantrums. They will also dislike sharing toys, fear strangers, parallel play, bosses others, and shows affection.
  • Emotional and Social Development
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