Updated: 9/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I shall sneak over the wall to get your precious rapunzel dear.
  • I have been craving rapunzel from next door for weeks! I cannot live without it! You shall fetch it for me and bring it back to the house.
  • How about this. Once you have given birth to your baby, if you do not swear to love it as it is, I will take the baby and you will be able to have all of the rapunzel you like, forever.
  • If you allow me to do this, I promise to love the baby as my own. It may even be that you will see it again someday.
  • No! Okay
  • She is hideous! Take her away! I can never love this child!
  • A bargain is a bargain.
  • Well, little Rapunzel, let us go into the world and discover whether or not you are the one I have been waiting for.