Updated: 3/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Son, don't forget to deliver and pick up your little sister at school, okay?
  • PASSIVE - The mother told her eldest son to deliver and pick up her sister at school,because her mother had a job.
  • Yes, mom
  • go enter you're classroom, you're teacher is already waiting.
  • PASSIVE - When they arrived at school, her sister did not want to enter the classroom.
  • I don't want, I'm scared.
  • PASSIVE - Erica just entered the classroom even though she was afraid, but her teacher told her to stay calm because the people there were kind and friendly.
  • Don't be afraid erica were not bad guys.
  • ACTIVE - After class when she was waiting for her brother, she met a friend.
  • Yes.
  • Hello, I am Erica.
  • Hi, My name is Elise.
  • Are you new here?
  • Erica let's go!
  • ACTIVE - When her brother came to pick him up, she said goodbye to her friend.
  • Goodbye! Elise.
  • Bye, see you Tomorrow.
  • Yes! i thought the people there were bad, but they weren't.
  • ACTIVE - When they came home, Erica was very happy on her first day at that school.
  • Are u happy in your new school?