Digital Etiquette

Updated: 9/6/2020
Digital Etiquette

Storyboard Text

  • Mom what are going to do first?
  • So, I forgot to turn of the faucet then it flooded the entire bathroom.
  • whaat?!
  • *chit-chat*
  • sir!
  • Crystal and her mother went to the mall to enjoy their weekend.
  • pick up your phone! Please!
  • While they're chit-chatting, Crystal's phone rang, and they didn't even notice it, because it was too loud at the mall.
  • I'm having a bad day today, but i'm sorry for shouting!
  • were so sorry sir! we didn't hear it rang because the mall was too loud!
  • So, then, one of the people at the mall, ordering some food, heard it rang, so He was pissed off about it because they never picked it up.
  • Were so sorry for not knowing the digital etiquette!
  • I'm so sorry for being hardheaded!
  • Its okay sir! we'll make sure to turn our phones to silent mode so that it doesn't bother the people around us!
  • Then he complained about the phone ringing for too long now because he has a hot head and he could not hold back his temper.
  • So, they immediately apologized to the man.
  • So they told him that this would never happen again.